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How to contribute to CUBRID Community & Projects

Are you a software engineer? Are you a program manager? Are you a solution architect? Are you interested in innovative technologies? No matter what you are good at, we value your know-how. CUBRID is a project where you can put your skills to work in the service of the open source community and where you can learn exciting new things. You will be part of our CUBRID community, where we are constantly looking for new ideas. We value your participation and your suggestions can make a difference.


A completely free product, CUBRID is the RDBMS which is adaptable for your project.

Open Source

Continuous improvements, thanks to developers who work together to build a better product.

Sharing Experience

Directly collaborate with talented and experienced people that really know their things.

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Are you a newbie?

Check out the CUBRID wiki and Developer Guide

These show our working process of development and QA.
Since we are working on GitHub, developers can fork the project and contribute.
Issue Tracker

Are you using CUBRID and found a bug or issue? Let us know and we'll get it fixed. We are using JIRA for issue tracking system. There are several projects that you can browse issues and report an issue.

- CUBRID Tools:

Dev Talks

Join our community to discuss, share and exchange information with the experts. From CUBRID tech talks to getting to know the team behind it, you can get in touch with cool people, with great knowledge. Share your development experiences and challenges with us.

Let's talk on reddit.


Help us improve the CUBRID experience by giving us feedback on our website. We tried to find the easiest way to deliver information to you, but we know there is always room for improvement. If you need any information and can't find it, or if you can suggest other ways to improve the overall experience, send us a message HERE.

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