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We are here to help to turn the next big idea into reality. With our sponsors, we devote to provide and improve our database with unique and robust features that fit the best of your needs. The open source community is calling for you and me. Sponsor us and let's contribute to the open source project you appreciate!

CUBRID is the provider of robust, scalable, and secure information management solutions that enables organizations to fully exploit the advantages of relational database technology. CUBRID serves thousands of users, spanning a broad range of industries and applications.

Arnia is a leading software development company, founded in 2006. The areas of expertise cover most of the current software technologies, frameworks and platforms for developing and implementing.

SQLGate is an integrated database management and development solution that simplifies the design and operation of databases. Together with SQLGate, it's easier and quicker for CUBRID database users to manage large amounts of data.

WhaTap provides solutions to monitor applications and databases by its unique monitoring technology. Together with WhaTap, accurate and timely database monitoring is provided to CUBRID.

eXERD is an Eclipse-based, intelligent, and intuitive E-R modeling tool. It is designed not only for experienced users, but also suitable for beginners who are new to database modeling. You can experience a new world of modeling through eXERD!

Amplix is a BI solution that provides an integrated platform for data analysis and visualization. It provides an environment where anyone can visualize and analyze data using Drag&Drop.

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